Zagazig University Council resolutions session No. (437) that was held on 27.11.2012

Modify student assessment system at pharmacy

Council of the university at its last session No. (437) held on 27.11.2012 under the chairmanship of Dr./ Mohammed Abd El-Aal, university president approved on modifying the
student assessment system by adding verbal exams and activities to make the  grades distributed 75% of the grades of the theoretical and final test and 15% of the grades for the oral exam, and 10% of the activities performed by a graduate student while studying the curriculum, and applying the hours studying system where the hours of each course suits with the planned duration of the exam according to the credited hours.

Nominations for internal and external awards

At the same meeting, the Board approved the nominations colleges to gain state awards for excellence and discretion and Encouragement for the current year 2012/2013, where it was to approve the nomination Faculty of Arts Dr. Qasim Abdo Kassem, a professor of medieval history faculty and winning the State Award in 2008 for award Nile, and the nomination of Dr. . Abdulwahab Bakr Muhammad professor of modern and contemporary history faculty of State Award, and the nomination of Dr.. Hassan Mohamed Hassan Hammad, a professor of philosophy and former dean of the State Award for Excellence, and the nomination of Dr.. Mohammed Abdul Majeed Ahmed Ataiwanci Assistant Professor, Department of English Language for the State Incentive Award.
The Council also agreed on the nomination of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Saad Al Salam Professor Emeritus, Department of Structural Engineering faculty of State Award in advanced science and technology in the field of engineering sciences.
The Council also approved the nomination of the Faculty of Commerce Dr. Mohammed Sultan Abu Ali, a professor of economics faculty of the Nile Prize in Social Sciences majoring in economics.
This on the level of awards in Egypt, As for the awards nominations outside Egypt, and the same meeting, the Council agreed on the nomination of Dr.. Superstructures Hassan Abdel Hamid Radwan, head of Department of Mental Health Project Special Education, Faculty of Education Award Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation in 2012 and the nomination of Dr.. Mahmoud Mamedmamed Attia Professor Department of Agricultural Botany and Plant Pathology, Faculty of Agriculture Dr. Doaa Youssef Mohammad Yousuf, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Prize for Arab researchers in 2012.

New Appointments

Council approved the university Bgelsth recent appointment of professors and five assistant professors and twenty-two teachers medicine, and two teachers in engineering, and four assistant professors and teachers in science, and a professor and assistant professor of agriculture, and assistant professor and teacher education quality, and professor and teacher of morality, and a professor at the Institute of Studies and Research Asian and fellow university hospitals.
At the same meeting the Board approved the granting of scientific function Professor Assistant Professor engineering, and assistant professor of science, and Professor at the Institute for Studies and Research Asian, and scientific title of one assistant professor for a number four teachers in science, teacher, Faculty of Physical Education Boys, Teacher at the Faculty of Arts.


The Board approved the same session to extract a check for $ six thousand pounds as a center for laser eye Zagazig under Account treat a female medical school due to the unavailability of treatment hospitals university and the adversary of fund medical services for students, and extract a check for $ six thousand seven hundred and fifty pounds as SEDCO to buy a property for the treatment of one of the students of the Faculty of Commerce for six months.
The Council approved the university's contribution to the cost of treatment of five of the university employees against the treatment of fund university workers.

Gifts and donations

The University Council approved at the same meeting to accept the gift from d. Aleem Ismail Ibrahim Mr. Teacher, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, which is about two estimated worth 9924.88 euros.
He also agreed to accept the donation of the Islamic Welfare Association in Kuwait for advanced center for liver diseases at the Faculty of Medicine, which is a sonar device for the early detection of liver tumors and cirrhosis measurement and valued the total amount of nine hundred thousand pounds.



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