Poet Farid Taha in a dialogue meeting with the students of Zagazig University

Under the title "Return to the roots," the University of Zagazig hosted the poet Farid Taha Mr. Abdullah in an extensive dialogue meeting with the students of the university organized by the Department of Cultural Activity in the General Administration of Student Welfare in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Khalid Abdul Bari, President of the University and Dr. Abdulhakim Nooruddin, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, in the presence of Dr. Shehat, representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Mohamed Sameer, Director General of Student Welfare and Mr. Mohamed Sayed Abdel Razek, Director of the Department of Cultural Activity, students and students of different faculties in the Forum Hall, attended by a large number of college students.
The meeting started with the Republican Peace and then a poetic paragraph by the poet Rasha Awad and the student Fatima Al-Zahra at the Faculty of Law. Then the great poet Farid Taha Al Sayyed gave some poems from his poetry and some of the lyrics of the songs he composed for Egyptian films and plays.
During the meeting, Mohamed Samir said the keenness of the education and student affairs sector in the university and the students' care in particular to organize such cultural meetings for the university students comes within the framework of the role of the university in establishing the original Arab values ​​and presenting honorable models and role models in loyalty, patriotism,
He added: Mohamed El Sayed Abdel Razek, the guest of the meeting of the pioneers of vernacular poetry since the sixties and translated some of its works into multiple languages ​​and received many awards and shields as honored by the Ministry of Culture by granting the shield of the Ministry and also received the Art and Culture Award at the Art Festival in the Republic.
The meeting concluded with an open dialogue in which the guest answered questions and inquiries of students and evaluated some of the poetic models of the students.
Media Supervisor
Dr.. Aida Said Dr. Mohammed Awad

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